The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Hi. This, what you’re reading now, is an extensive story of my life. No, I haven’t been to all these places, but I hope I will someday. But now, I should start the story:

A mildly cold Wednesday late morning was passing by as my family and I were being dropped off at the airport. We were being dropped off by my Nana and Papa (grandma and grandpa). They parked at the airport.

“You know I’ll miss you with all my heart 😥,” my nana said, trying to hide tears.

“I’ll miss you too, but hey, we’ll keep in touch via FaceTime and texting,” I said, trying to hide tears myself. I have an iPad and iPod.

Just about three seconds later, my Nana’s tears grew too strong for her, and she began to cry.

“We need to go now, honey,” my mom said.

“Well, see you… in less than a year,” I said, turning around to my mom and dad, who were standing by the airport doors. I took a few steps toward Mom and Dad, and then, I leapt at Nana, wrapping my arms around her.

“Well, I should go now,” I said, taking my arms back.

We (my family and I) opened the doors, when we herd Nana’s voice:

“Stay safe, you three!” Nana said loudly, to overcome the racket of about 20 other people.

Then it hit me, I was leaving Nana and Papa, but not just them, I was leaving the only home I knew… Phoenix.

“Mom, we’re actually leaving Arizona?” I asked.

“Yes! Isn’t it so exciting?! Mom said, looking down at me and up ahead, as though the whole world was just waiting for them inches away.

I looked at my dangle bracelet. Nana had gifted it to me when she came home from Mexico.

This bracelet, my memories, and photos of Nana were all I could always hold onto of Nana, (considering I can’t FaceTime her every waking moment).

3hr later we could get on the plane to our first travel spot: Denmark!

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