Denmark Part 1.

In about 18 hours we were in Denmark. All I could think about was my Nana and the animals at the housesit we were about to do.

We looked around for a while, walking around the Denmark airport. We stepped outside, looking for the woman who was supposed to pick us up. We saw a car pulling up to the parking lot, and then a woman got out.

“Hello! You must be Kristen, Greg and Kamea, I’m so glad to meet you! How was your travel?” The woman (T) said.

“Yeah, well… it was good,” Mom said, stepping toward her.

“Good! Well, welcome to Denmark!” T said.

“Umm…hi?” I asked.

“You must be Kamea! I know you’ll love my beasties, Gussie, Bertie, Annie and Axle!” T said.

I nodded, smiling.

We got into the car. We soon were at the house. We got out of the car and went into the house.

Fast forward to the next day. 3 of the dogs, Gussie, Bertie, and Annie ate snow… A LOT!!! (Which supplied enjoyment.) I threw sticks a lot too. Gussie, who had taken a liking to following me, never left my side. The only time I got a temporary break from Gussie, was when I threw snowballs for him to chase and then eat.

“OMMNOM,” said Gussie, eating a particularly small bit of snow.

This housesit went by surprisingly fast, and almost each day went by the exact same way (throwing snowballs for Gussie!). This snowball-throwing three weeks started my LOVE of pugs.

Gussie’s snow-eating heaven!

Sadly, the housesit went by SUPER quickly. And before I knew it, these two adorable pug-faces vanished from view.

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