The Cotswolds


Soon we were in the Cotswolds. The Cotswolds are in England. I’ll start with the first day alone:

After my breakfast, Mom announced:

“Let’s take the dogs on a walk!”

Oh, did I forget to say that we had 2 dogs and a cat? Their names were Bella and Badger and Toto. Back to the story:

Soon later, after we got ready, we went to the dogs’ running space. If you turned left on the street of the neighborhood, go up a very “good-for-exercising” hill, there is a HUGE field. We called it the Commons. There were many golfers, but mainly on Sundays and Saturdays.

We’d let the dogs off leash, and they ran a LOT. If you walked a little more ahead, there was a PUB!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we could take the dogs inside!!!! I highly recommend it!!!!!!!! So if you like taking orders, consider it an order to go to the pub!!!!!!

At the pub with cute dogs!

And fun fact! Cows grazed the Commons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We literally walked by a herd of cows, on the golf course!!!

Cows on the Commons!

Let me tell you the most exciting part of the housesit!

We let Badger and Bella off-leash even though the cows were out (because the dogs were supposed to be afraid of the cows.) Bella was supposed to just run around the Commons, but instead she ran away! Oh no!

Mom and I looked around the Commons a little before looking on the streets.

“Wheweeeee!!” I whistled.

“Bella!!! Mom shouted as quietly as she could, because of golfers on the Commons. She was nowhere to be found. We were told the dogs could run off leash and didn’t expect this.

“I’ll go make “lost-dog” posters,” I said.

“Let’s just go get help from Dad,” Mom said.

I nodded, and we went home.

At home, we found Bella behind the gate to the house. Phew! Yay!

“Bella!!! Oh, I thought we lost you!” I said, rubbing my face in her fur.

Badger looked as though Bella won a prize for “Best-Dog-In-The-World” and deserved more attention.

Peace in the Cotswolds!

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