Minecraft story books: the best I know

Hi! Longtime no see! Well, longtime no read more like😉! I wanted to talk about a book I’m currently reading. It’s #1 of a series and the book is called: The Quest for the Diamond Sword b1. It’s a good series I recommend. (That is an affiliate link by the way. If you buy the book from it, I get a tiny commission that doesn’t cost you anything. I’m saving for art materials, gaming in-app purchases and toys. Thank you!)

Well, something I like to know is what the book cover looks like:

I bet you guessed that I’m a Minecrafter. I watch tutorials for it, I teach Dad fun ideas and how to make them work. I like books on Minecraft, you get it😊😄😉.

The first time I read this series I read it in the wrong order. And you could say that made the series odd. Really, really odd.

It’s about a boy named Steve and he lives on a farm next to a village. But when a zombie invasion threatens the village, Steve ventures out to find diamonds and craft the most powerful sword: a DIAMOND SWORD!!! Every survivalist’s dream is to have one.

But as he ventures and learns how to treasure hunt, he stumbles upon tricky tricksters who want to take his loot. And as he wanders around the world, he finds friends that will stick with him, no matter what.

Yeah, sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Please enjoy!

I loved making this! Enjoy!

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