C’alma Café

Hey guys and gals! Sorry about the long absence. I’ve been a little busy. But enjoy this blog post! To catch up, I’ll be doing 2 blog posts including this. The next will be coming out today I hope 🥳🥳! If I don’t do another for a while, don’t worry. I have no intentions to stop! I actually have another idea after the next one coming out today. But I need time to do it, and I’ll be working pretty hard to do it and get it out!

C’alma is a café in Porto, Portugal. Wanna see some pictures? Here ‘ya go!:

That drink is hot chocolate. And that slice of cake is chocolate ‘n’ raspberry 😋😋😋😋😋! Oh, the picture from the middle, that’s GlobalKristen, my mom. This was a little short, but don’t worry; more make-ups are coming!!!

Those are other parts of the building C’alma is in. And you might not remember me having glasses. I’ll talk more about them some other time.

Bye! 🏳️‍🌈🎉

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