Ukuleles And Chordify

Remember how I mentioned that The Son of Bigfoot music would be featured here? Well that will be this blogpost.

I got a Ukulele in Porto, Portugal. And Chordify is an app/website to help people play their favorite songs! Here’s what the app looks like:Chordify

Chordify app

Here’s a link to Chordify. So you basically can look up any song and it will show you the chords, in my case since I play Ukulele.

If you want to play guitar someday or now, it’s a good idea to get a Ukulele first… after all, it’s like a guitar with fewer strings and easier to play.


Ukuleles are a Portuguese thing! You may have thought they were a Hawaiian thing, but at first they thought the Ukulele sounded terrible. Now they’re kinda known for it!

End of fun fact

Chordify does Guitar, Ukulele, and Piano. Cool, huh? 😎😎.

Well, I’ve got some other even better blogpost ideas. I’ll do those next!

See ‘ya later!

One thought on “Ukuleles And Chordify

  1. I love hearing about a ukulele. It’s an instrument that I think is forgotten. You are terrific to let people know that there is something easier than a guitar to learn how to play. And I love the photo of you with the ukulele on your back.


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