STEAMTeam5 Chronicles: Evelyn Engineer and the Lighting Treasure πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ”§

Hey! My Dad has a brand new book out called Evelyn Engineer and the Lighting Treasure! Here’s a link for the Kindle. And here’s a link for the print.

It’s a new kind called the Chronicles, so it’s not a main, series book. It’s a book that focuses on the character, Evelyn Engineer!

Things I like about the book:

I like that it’s about my favorite character, Evelyn! She makes lots of cool things!

It’s very fast-paced!

And it’s really fun to read!

Now those are some great things somebody would be looking for in a book, hmm?

Here’s a picture of the book: my dad illustrated it!

My blogposts have been a little short, I admit, but I know I really need to catch up! So bye for now, but I’ll be working on another super soon!!


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