Croatia πŸ‡­πŸ‡· and My New BFFs!!

Split, Croatia is a cool place, filled with fun stuff right outside your door πŸšͺ!

We are staying in a fun apartment that has a pizza place right downstairs!

Those two people next to me (I’m in the middle) are my new best friends. They are an American family traveling like we are. We met them here in Croatia. Isn’t that cool?!?

Look at the person on the left. That is Nynka. The one on the right is Maria. They are super nice and funny!

They are sisters, but we pretend I’m their cousin. Nynka still wants me to be their sister! I kinda like it!

This picture is of me after running uphill for about one minute. (I like to pretend I’m athletic, but I’m sorta lazy too. The Queen πŸ‘‘ of whatever, just like cats!)

I taught them how to make a fortune teller, and they tried it, and I believe they enjoyed the craft-lessons!

Here is a sword in glass from a museum. My friends went to the museum and invited us to join, so we did! It was free, too!

The gnocchi must die!!!

I stayed at their house and we made gnocchi. My parents came later for dinner, so we all ate together! They were yummy πŸ˜‹!

Most of the pictures there are just of us having fun together.

But this one…

is of us doing GLAMOUR POSE! in the picture. However, even though Nynka (the one on your right) didn’t do the fishy-glam pose, her glamour pose is probably the most glamorous and the least fish-girl.

I’m going to miss my friends when they leave next week, but we have plans to meet in Venice, Italy in the spring, which is pretty cool.

I liked making this blogpost about my awesome friends. Bye!

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