Halloween Visit with Uncle Kenny πŸ‘±πŸ»β€β™‚️

You can see my sneakers, but the costume didn’t have shoes!

My Uncle Kenny is pretty crazy 😜 about Halloween πŸŽƒ. He makes his driveway a spooky HAUNTED HOUSE. And I admit, it was very scary. In fact, it was so scary it was fun!

Here is the haunted house in the daytime:

Why was it the best Halloween ever?

1. I got to help! I scared little kids when they walked by me.

2. I got to finally trick-or-treat for the first time!

3. I got to do false-screams, (screams that repeat every 30 seconds, about. If someone hears someone scream, they may run away, not wanting to be scared too, or join the party!)

4. I got to see my Uncle Kenny, my Aunt Yolanda, my cousins Jhase, Deven, and Olivia! And my uncle’s first wife came too, Aunt Gale. She attacked me with kisses 😽.

5. I always new I had minor Arachnophobia, but apparently my fear of spiders applies to fake spiders that have motion sensors so they know when you pass by. (I finally figured out they only saw your feet and ankles, so all I had to do was jump up and they didn’t see me! Or, I just run by!)

6. I saw a little kid, about 3 or 4, and he was just passing by my hiding spot (my hiding spot is behind a clown that has a sign on it: free hugz! With blood stains on it. The clown would start saying nice stuff, and then it would lean forward at you! He also had a motion sensor. I jumped out and made a hiss 😾 before the clown said anything to a by-passer.) I lunged out, barely touching the kid, making scary fingers…

and hissing. The little kid froze, and ran to the exit of the haunted house. I watched carefully for him to leave, then chuckled.

All Fun and Games!!

They let me help with lots of scaring, but my Uncle always goes all out, so that was fun.

My Uncle’s front yard!!

Funny Fact!

One of the kids my mom saw (she was trying…

to draw people into the tornado of terror haunted house!) was walking up the driveway. He turned, and “noped” right out of there!!

End of Funny Fact!

This was a very, very, very, don’t go away, I have at least ten more very’s to go… very, very…

fun blogpost to write and make!

Oh, before I go…

This is my step-cousin:

Well, see you later!

Bye πŸ‘‹πŸ»!

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