Rovigo, Italy! 🇮🇹

This blogpost is unlike any other blogpost I’ve written! It’s not a story, but a facts blogpost. If you don’t care for it, I’ll tell you now it is the only one of its kind for now!

Fact 1

You know the things you wipe your mouth with after eating? Yes, napkins. The napkins come out of a dispenser in most cafès in Rovigo (and maybe all of Italy?) like at In-‘n’-Out Burger. But, the napkins (almost everywhere I’ve been to) are crazy! They feel like rough sketch paper! My mother and I joke about the napkins.

“Hey, here’s some sandpaper to wipe your mouth!” I’d say.

“Haha, thank you!” My mom would reply.

Fact 2

If you visit Rovigo, Italy, visit Girasole, a pizza restaurant! The first night I was in Italy with my mom and dad, my mom had gone looking for Girasole, which she had seen on Google Maps.

Fact 3

There are sooo many yummy pizza shops around Rovigo!

Rovigo is the first place I’ve been to in Italy. We are trying to get Italian Citizenship, and since we already have American citizenship, Italian citizenship will make us Dual Citizens! And our avvocato (lawyer in Italian) is in Rovigo. So we came to him.

FYI the Lawyer part and Yummy pizza part are attached, I didn’t forget to say fact four.

This blogpost was super short, so a new one is on the way!

Bye all!

FYI I did cut my hair, but the huge change is just my sloppy pigtails!

My YouTube channel name: Gussie Goop

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