Italian Explorers 🧭!!!!


I know it is odd that a blogpost didn’t come out on Saturday. But la mia famiglia (my family) went on a trip. A four day, three night trip!

We live in Rovigo, Italy. We wanted to move once our avvocato (lawyer) gave us the all clear to leave. Our lawyer helping us with our dual Italian citizenship is in Rovigo, so it was convenient that we live in Rovigo too.

We decided we could go for a few days to explore the other amazing cities and ancient landmarks!

So now, I will explain the entire trip as quickly as I can, so this blog doesn’t get boring 😉.

But first, we went to a car rental agency, and picked up a white Fiat.

There is my mom from and my dad from STEAMTeam5!

Here are the links: STEAMTeam5 and GlobalKristen

First up is…. Siena!!!

We went to Siena, but not to sleep. After we looked around the city, we realized it was a little crowded at this time of year. We didn’t want to be here if it had so many tourists sometimes. We still explored a little, then we hit the road again!

Now, we have…. Montepulciano!!!

Montepulciano (in Tuscany) was the first place we went to sleep. My mom and I had a little trouble figuring out who got the bed in the main room 🤪!

We explored and liked it a lot.

Here’s me next to a bunch of pots with cactus-y things in them!

It was beautiful! We didn’t want to live there either because it was extra small and super touristy. We heard so many others speaking English.

Next up is…. Orvieto!!!!

If you paid extra good attention when you read, Orvieto “!!!!” Instead of Orvieto “!!!” good job! We decided something about the place… and you will have to stick around to see what we decided!

Pizza…. I love pizza 🍕!

They had an awesome wooden horse!

I loved the pretty view!

Probably the most friendly cat I’ve ever seen at a cafè!

The D’uomo, an old, old, old, old, old castle!

And finally… Ascoli Piceno!!!

They had an old-timey event, and I got my picture taken with old-timey people!!!

As I promised

We decided that we loved Orvieto (all three of us) and wanted to move there! Again, we will when we can!

Now that I’ve talked about all this pure awesomeness, I bid you farewell! (That’s my old-timey salute!)


I bid you farewell!

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