Wolves to Dogs: How Did Wolves Become Dogs?

When you hear the word wolf, you think of this:

Source https://www.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/wolf-eating-a-watermelon-creates-a-stir-on-the-net/84717655/

But when you hear the word dog, you think of this:

Source https://www.kimballstock.com/preview.asp?db=a&image=DOG+03+FA0003+01

(Ok, maybe you don’t think of fruit…)

But do you really think of wolves being dogs, or dogs being wolves? No, you don’t! Uh… right?

But I heard a story… and you will soon too…

Source https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caveman

These cavemen used to be scared of wolves. But wolves wanted something from humans a lot!


Garbage. From humans. So humans practically made a deal with these fuzzy four legged creatures…

“You protect us, howl at bears, alert us when danger comes, and you can have alllll the garbage you want!” said the cavemen.

“Uh… ruff?” said the wolves.

(Yeah, pretty pathetic right?)

(Please see video 😋)

That’s what it looks like in my head. 100%!

Thanks for watching (sorry, habit from my Youtube channel Gussie Goop…link here —> https://youtu.be/4yIB1pWZYX8 )

But thanks for… reading? I’m not sure. Anyway, gotta go, so bye!

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