A Special Christmas πŸŽ„

Yeah, this is about what my Christmas is going to look like. Except for the bed head, the pie, the fireplace, the baby playing with a train, the old grandma with a quilt, etc… You probably get the idea. Oh, and the pets. No pets.

Alright, so without all these things, my Christmas might sound a little… lacking. But that doesn’t stop my family from making the most of it!

Expats livin’ in Italy: what are we going to do?

If you said that this Christmas was going to be strange, I get where you’re coming from. But hear me out!

Since we’re going to be living in a tiny apartment in Italy for the time of Christmas, that means no Christmas tree. Yeah I know, that sounds pathetic. I mean seriously, what’s USA’s favorite holiday without a Christmas Tree?

What are we going to do about this dang Christmas Tree crisis? It’s not like I can just snap my fingers and make it appear! But, I have something similar…

The Power of Art!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Yeah. Pretty cool, right? I decided to illustrate a picture of a Christmas Tree. I bought some of those little paper star bows that people put on Christmas gift boxes. I have a gold one that we’re going to be using as a star on the Christmas tree. Perfect solution.

Alright, that’s one problem down. The next one to go: Christmas Dinner.

Yes, the kind that fills the room with anticipation and excitement. For me, mostly excitement. But I can’t say the same for everyone at the Christmas Dinner. Especially the chef, who’s probably dreading it.

There’s a tiny little problem with this apartment we’re renting, well, the thing that makes big cooking hard. No oven. No.

We make the most out of the limited kitchen space, especially my mom, the big foodie of the family, (here’s the link to her blog! —> http://kristensraw.com/blog/).

So my mom plans to find a good restaurant in this town, called Martina Franca. It’s in Puglia. And Puglia? That’s the “heel” part of Italy. It’s kinda shaped like a log.

In Martina Franca, we’re in an area called the Centro Storico, which translates to Historic Center. And that area is a pretty nice attraction, which means there are some pretty nice restaurants not far away. πŸ˜›πŸ˜‹!

Okay. We’ve got the Christmas Dinner out of the way. One more thing…


My grandparents usually give me money for a gift… not something materialized. And I like that, because it means that no matter what, I’ll be satisfied. It’s not like that scenario where your third aunt twice-removed gives you an ugly, itchy sweater. That, no one likes.

So everybody, I’ve got an announcement: coming out, on Christmas Day, will be a video (on Youtube) where I’ve got to hunt for my presents around the house! And since I don’t know how many gifts I’ve got from my parents, I’ll hide their’s too!

So, in conclusion!

This Christmas is going to be a little hard to pull off and a bit strange, but that’s just another reason to keep being the most positive, friendly, good-attitude family we can be. Having said that, I’m sure it will be the best Christmas ever!

(By the way, here’s a link to my YouTube channel .)

Well, let’s see how this Christmas thing plays out. I’ll be sure to post a blog about what it was like for me! See you soon!

Merry Christmas!

And before I go, I thought I’d share a little Italian tradition… Panettone! It’s like a sponge cake, with raisins and almonds in it. Or, there’s the chocolate kind, with little chocolate chunks in it! My mom got a little mini chocolate one for me!

Okay okay, I’m going now. See you soon!

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