Halloween and COVID Happy October 1st! 🎃 👻

Disclaimer: I used Bazaart to make this photo

Happy October 1st! Ah, it’s the season of…

Scaring kids? Yes! Becausethat’s fun!

But that’s not what I’m talking about today. Today, we’re diving into one of the craziest Halloween’s to go down in history, where I’ll be talking about how Halloween will be effected by COVID-19… MUAHAHA!

(Don’t worry, I won’t punctuate every third paragraph any more… muahaha! Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Halloween Talk no. 1: Costumes

So, I can’t speak super easily about Trick or Treating, seeing as I’ve only done that once, and I only went to one or two houses. But, I travel the world, so I consider it an equal trade-off! Kind of!

One way that it will be strange, what with COVID-19, is the masks. Yes, the masks. Do we need to wear a mask over our scary Halloween masks?Strange. Or is the Halloween mask enough?

And speaking of masks. Specifically, masks… while you’re wearing makeup.

Now, I might not have gone trick or treating very much, but I’ve been dressing up since I was 1 years old (my parents dressed me up as a burrito. Don’t ask)!

And I think it’s safe to say, in quite a few of these costumes, I’ve worn makeup—there was the time I dressed as a dog, and my mom used eyeliner to make whiskers (it was adorable).

But now… there’s no need? And if you still want to be in the full-out-Halloween-Spooky-Spirit, then just… try not to get any makeup on the inside of your mask… word of advice:

My mom wears makeup… but I guess you can already tell…

Halloween Talk no. 2: Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treating will probably take a crazy twist for you.

Like I mentioned before, I haven’t gone Trick or Treating very much… which is why it’s hard to talk about it, but ‘here goes.

If you’re like me, you’ll ring the doorbell by nudging it with your elbow, to avoid touching it. Doorbells hardly ever get cleaned!

Next, you scamper back six feet. Social distancing! The person answers, holding a bucket of candy.

Oh, did I mention you’re alone? You and five friends probably are not cramming onto the porch all at once. So, you smile at the person, but she doesn’t see it, because of your mask.

You say, “trick or treat!” but you are muffled by your mask. The person says, “could you repeat that?”

You shout, “trick or treat!” Only then, do you get your candy.

Yikes. But it’s not over…

When you get home, your mom sprays every single piece of candy with Lysol. You eat it later, and it tastes not only delicious, but slightly chemically.

Halloween Talk no. 3: Bobbing for Apples

Is the Halloween Carnival your favorite thing of the whole year?

Then I’m sorry to say, I doubt there will be one! Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be next year.

One thing that is iconic for Halloween is bobbing for apples! Yet another thing I’ve never done. But I’ll try to talk about it anyway.

You are so excited, but when you get to the big bucket of water, you only see one other person. You suddenly fear that his or her saliva is going to get in the water, and jump back.

You shout, “you win!” and hurry away.

Halloween in the times of COVID.

One thought on “Halloween and COVID Happy October 1st! 🎃 👻

  1. Love your take on COVID HALLOWEEN 🎃
    If someone sprays Lysol on a Butterfinger I probably would still eat it. 🎃


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