C’alma Café

Hey guys and gals! Sorry about the long absence. I’ve been a little busy. But enjoy this blog post! To catch up, I’ll be doing 2 blog posts including this. The next will be coming out today I hope 🥳🥳! If I don’t do another for a while, don’t worry. I have no intentions to stop! I actually have another idea after the next one coming out today. But I need time to do it, and I’ll be working pretty hard to do it and get it out!

C’alma is a café in Porto, Portugal. Wanna see some pictures? Here ‘ya go!:

That drink is hot chocolate. And that slice of cake is chocolate ‘n’ raspberry 😋😋😋😋😋! Oh, the picture from the middle, that’s GlobalKristen, my mom. This was a little short, but don’t worry; more make-ups are coming!!!

Those are other parts of the building C’alma is in. And you might not remember me having glasses. I’ll talk more about them some other time.

Bye! 🏳️‍🌈🎉

Minecraft story books: the best I know

Hi! Longtime no see! Well, longtime no read more like😉! I wanted to talk about a book I’m currently reading. It’s #1 of a series and the book is called: The Quest for the Diamond Sword b1. It’s a good series I recommend. (That is an affiliate link by the way. If you buy the book from it, I get a tiny commission that doesn’t cost you anything. I’m saving for art materials, gaming in-app purchases and toys. Thank you!)

Well, something I like to know is what the book cover looks like:

I bet you guessed that I’m a Minecrafter. I watch tutorials for it, I teach Dad fun ideas and how to make them work. I like books on Minecraft, you get it😊😄😉.

The first time I read this series I read it in the wrong order. And you could say that made the series odd. Really, really odd.

It’s about a boy named Steve and he lives on a farm next to a village. But when a zombie invasion threatens the village, Steve ventures out to find diamonds and craft the most powerful sword: a DIAMOND SWORD!!! Every survivalist’s dream is to have one.

But as he ventures and learns how to treasure hunt, he stumbles upon tricky tricksters who want to take his loot. And as he wanders around the world, he finds friends that will stick with him, no matter what.

Yeah, sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Please enjoy!

I loved making this! Enjoy!

Outschool is a Good EDUCATION Base!

Since I travel the world, sometimes Mom will put me in online classes. And even if you’re not traveling, it’s definitely something worth checking out! Actually, it’s Outschool.com. We use Zoom (an app.) to do online video.

They have many cool classes! They have reading, history, engineering, science, math, poetry, and more! I once even took a Disney Villains class! If you want a great education base and classes, go to Outschool.com

“See you soon! I hope!” 🤞🏻

A Great Store to Go to in Ermont, France!

Before we leave Ermont, I want to talk about my favorite store there! I don’t know how many places it’s in, but I do know that it’s in Ermont. The store is called Carrefour. There is a big one and a small one. I don’t have too much to say about it, but I’ve got a whole lot of pictures!:

The last picture is there because Dad helped me with the pictures mostly, in fact, he help 99% of the time according to my calculations. All at Carrefour! If you’re ever there, check it out! It’s an amazing store with many essentials! I just asked Mom: she 100% agrees!

“Hope to see you soon!”

Ermont, and the shatter of glass!

Ermont was a truly beautiful place. This housesit was unique in a way: it was an apartment. And another cool thing was that the animals were cats only, which meant no walks. Being in an apartment meant that the cats couldn’t go outside: we were on the second floor and even though cats always land on their feet, it was a long drop.




Fortunately, the cats both had every bit of their tail😉. For that, these are the cats emotions: 😺😺. As you may have thought, there were 2 cats. And the cats were very low maintenance. Uhg! How RUDE of me! I didn’t even introduce you! Well, it’s only polite to!


Moufflette is the one with the BLACK nose.

Crumpet is the one with, of course, the PINK nose.

Crumpet also has a big patch of white on her right leg (I think.)

Fast forward to the middle of the housesit. This is a story that happened starring… wait for it… Mouffllette!!!

It was a beautiful morning in Ermont. Mouffllette was trying to get her food as it was being made, as usual. She stood on the counter every morning to get food. Maybe she thought she was at the front of the line!😉

“Wait! It’s coming, you silly little cat!” Mom said, laughing.

Right next to the cats tail, was Mom’s usual coffee. Mouffllette’s tail swished when she tried to get the food too.


The coffee cup fell off the counter.

“Ah! Whazat?” I asked, looking up.

“Well, it was a glass that we didn’t own,” Mom said.

“Uh-oh… this will be… interesting,” I said.

Fast forward 30mins.

“I told them about the glass,” Mom said.

“Ok, well I’m sure it will be fine!” I said.

10min later…

“She wrote back: It’s all right. I know how Mouffllette can be. That silly cat has done it before.” Mom read aloud, reading from her phone.

“Well, now everything is cleared up,” I said, “that’s good.”

“You’re right. It was cleared up, and nothing bad at all happened,” Mom said.

Fast forward to the end of the housesit.

“Well, you now know the story of Ermont! I sincerely hope you liked it! I, like all times, loved making it! Oh, what a fun blog for me! I truly hope this blog was every bit of fun for you as it was for me!!!

Hunter’s Lodge in England

Well, if you wanted dog stories or cat stories, something with that will come out later. But now I wanted to talk about an AirBnB my family and I stayed in. (Of course, I was with my family😉!)

We had to walk from the train station to the apartment rental, with our luggage and backpacks. As Mom, Dad and I walked up a hill, (both Mom and Dad looked like they were carrying 50lbs), we saw a house with a sign that read: Laurel’s cottage.

“Well, this should be it,” Mom said, approaching the pretty-looking house.

The sun was setting, and that completed the picture. Mom knocked on the door.

“Rrrr… rruufff! Rrrrr… ruff!” came from the house. Mom jumped back, and for that matter, so did I.



“Sh! No!” I heard coming from inside the house.

“Well, hello there! Sorry about the ruffing! My dogs are always excited and I think they thought you wanted to come in!” said a woman, answering the door.

“I’m Kristen,” Mom said.

“Hey, I’m Greg.” Dad said.

“And you are?” The woman asked, looking at me.

“Kamea,” I said.

“Alright, now that we’re all introduced, I’ll show you the place you’ll be staying in!” the woman said.

In a place that seemed like a garage should be in, was a small building. We walked toward it. A sign left of the door read: HUNTER’S LODGE.

“This is it!” the woman said when we walked in.

The seemingly-magical AirBnB

The place was lovely: there was fresh white bread, plenty of room to put our food on the kitchen counter, a small little table on the side of the room, a comfy couch, a windowsill that looked like it was the absolute perfect size for me, another table next to the couch, a bedroom across the building that had shaded curtains to make the room look blue, blue and gold curtains in the main room, a clean bathroom, and a black leather and gold side book that read: Visitors Book.

“Oh, it’s beautiful!” I said.

After the woman spoke of the house, she left. The house had only one bedroom, so I got the choice of sleeping on a cot or on the couch. I oddly chose the cot. The AirBnB was for 3 nights.

“I hope to see you soon!”

Anyway, the AirBnB was amazing. 🙂🙂🙂 I loved making this blogpost! Hope you liked it!

The Cotswolds


Soon we were in the Cotswolds. The Cotswolds are in England. I’ll start with the first day alone:

After my breakfast, Mom announced:

“Let’s take the dogs on a walk!”

Oh, did I forget to say that we had 2 dogs and a cat? Their names were Bella and Badger and Toto. Back to the story:

Soon later, after we got ready, we went to the dogs’ running space. If you turned left on the street of the neighborhood, go up a very “good-for-exercising” hill, there is a HUGE field. We called it the Commons. There were many golfers, but mainly on Sundays and Saturdays.

We’d let the dogs off leash, and they ran a LOT. If you walked a little more ahead, there was a PUB!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we could take the dogs inside!!!! I highly recommend it!!!!!!!! So if you like taking orders, consider it an order to go to the pub!!!!!!

At the pub with cute dogs!

And fun fact! Cows grazed the Commons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We literally walked by a herd of cows, on the golf course!!!

Cows on the Commons!

Let me tell you the most exciting part of the housesit!

We let Badger and Bella off-leash even though the cows were out (because the dogs were supposed to be afraid of the cows.) Bella was supposed to just run around the Commons, but instead she ran away! Oh no!

Mom and I looked around the Commons a little before looking on the streets.

“Wheweeeee!!” I whistled.

“Bella!!! Mom shouted as quietly as she could, because of golfers on the Commons. She was nowhere to be found. We were told the dogs could run off leash and didn’t expect this.

“I’ll go make “lost-dog” posters,” I said.

“Let’s just go get help from Dad,” Mom said.

I nodded, and we went home.

At home, we found Bella behind the gate to the house. Phew! Yay!

“Bella!!! Oh, I thought we lost you!” I said, rubbing my face in her fur.

Badger looked as though Bella won a prize for “Best-Dog-In-The-World” and deserved more attention.

Peace in the Cotswolds!